Testimonials ...a Few Words from Satisfied Clients

 "What a relief it was when we were unexpectedly, mandatorily evacuated that I could go to the home box and pull the insurance file and the  business box and pull that one! I blessed you 100 times!"

 — C.K., Bonita Springs

 "Karen Bucy is terrific.  She works quickly, wasting no time and staying on task.  Asks great questions to help her analyze the needs.  Develops  a system.   I have never worked with a professional organizer so I did not know what to expect.  But, after working with her for a few hours about once a month, my office life has changed.  Files are in order, and more importantly, her system makes me able to find almost every document that I can imagine needing.  Simply stated, she is a consummate  professional." 

  — B.C., Naples 

"After my husband’s sudden death Karen saved me from the chaos of dealing with all that needed to be done.  Prioritizing, organizing, and getting rid of the unnecessary paperwork was a great help!"

 — J.A., Naples

 "Paperwork is my nemesis! When I started working with Karen in 2013 she had to set up the system and organize the many boxes of paper I had.  Karen comes in every 6 to 8 weeks and enables me to operate effectively around my extreme ADD. This is the best and most important bill I pay.  Thank you Karen — you help make my life work." 

 — A.B., Naples 

"Thank you so much for helping me this afternoon and for accommodating to the pace I needed to work at. I always feel so much lighter and happier about getting to my "to do" list and being in my office after  you've organized with me!"

  —  D.D., Bonita Springs 

"Thank you for all the time I now save by not getting lost finding  iles.  You are not only very good at organizing but also quick and  intuitive.   I am very happy with how you laid out my paper files and  computer files in a way that is logical to me." 

S.C., Bonita Springs, FL